multi monitor sli question ! motherboard speeds

i have a Asus rampage IV formula motherboard with a i7 3930k.

my question is i currently have 2 670 ftw+ in sli.. i was originally running 3 27" monitors in surround gaming but i just hooked up 2 more monitors and now i can't run sli.
so could i just get a 3rd crappy card just to run the 2 aux monitors?
but would this affect my sli speed? 16x/16x/8x? or would it make one of my sli cards run at a lower speed.
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  1. From what I have read all 3 cards will run at the slowest card clock I think.
  2. i wont be putting the 3rd card in sli.. i would just get a cheap 100$ card enough to push the 2 aux monitors i mainly just use for movies etc.
    so it would be 2 670's in sli with a 3rd crap card just chilling.
  3. pretty much what i'm trying to say is. will having a 3rd card independent from my sli cards effect there overall speed. will it make them run at 8x or would they both run at 16x and the 3rd card run at 8x
  4. I've done this before funny how computers are now a day's with all these graphic's slots. To my understanding you should be able to add that third card and keep your speed without any issues because you are not running in 3 way SLI and keeping your regular 670s in SLI and a separate third card will just run at 8x.
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