Do I need a MMO mouse and keyboard for gaming.

Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying a new mouse and keyboard for my new PC.
I was looking at the Corsair M65 and K70, but since my friends are really into the MMO scene and the new Elder Scrolls online game is coming out, I was thinking of getting a M95 and K95 instead.
Do I really need these special MMO peripherals to play MMO's properly?
Besides the MMO's, I'm going to be playing games like Rome 2,Battlefield 4,Watch dogs, Arma 3 and some other stuff.
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. NO you don't need the MMO mice but it can help if you do multiple actions all the time, to bind those actions to a thumb button on the mouse. A simple 5-8 button mouse will work well also.
  2. no you do not. in fact too many buttons on a mouse can actually be bad.

    for instance the razer naga has 6 buttons on the side which may be good for mmo but you are constantly accidentally clicking them all of the time.
  3. Thanks guys, I'll be going with the M65 and K70 then :)
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