GPU running super hot


My System is suddenly behaving odd.
Recently my setup which is
Motherboard : P6X58D-E
CPU i930
Mem Gskill F3-16000
Cooling Noctua P12
Graphics XFX 5870

Recently my Bios only recognized 4GB of Ram from my 6 Gig. I tried all modules seperately and single and they all worked in each slot. When i put all 3 in though and overclock only 4Gb were found. With default settings it found 6GB.

So Asus recommendedd to flash the BIOS which i did.

No i have the weirdest behaviour. It detects the 6gb now but as soon as i log into windows and the marvell Gigabit nwteork adapter is enabled my GPU gets 100% load and rund up to a 100Degrees cutting out.
If i unplug the network and disable the controller it stops.

I have no idea wtf is going on anymore. Anyone any iedas ?
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  1. It sounds like you have a bitcoin virus that allows a remote user to generates bitcoin.
    What anti-virus do you have? Try running malware-bytes to get rid of the Trojan, a common one is called Obviscator.
  2. I am running AVG which i used to scan it and I also ran Defender.
  3. Unfortunately those may not be good enough. AVG is not very good, avast is better if you want something free.
    Try Malwarebytes. Its free and you do not have to remove AVG first.
  4. Thanks Novuake. I do have a BitCoin miner Trojan.
    Bloody AVG didn't find it, malware did. Just need to make sure i get rid of it now completely. Solved the GPU running hot issue but unfortunately not the memory issue.

    The GPU still runs warm when starting the up until it gets into windows. The card hits 60 and then cools down.
  5. That is normal for startup.
    Now the memory issue. Reset your BIOS.
  6. Novuake said:
    That is normal for startup.
    Now the memory issue. Reset your BIOS.

    Ok, got it up to 3.75 ghz and 1443 memory. Not brilliant but might be bale to push a bit more if putting some voltages u
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