Weird computer load / temperature problem

Hi everybody,
Appreciate your help in advance.

My computer is having an odd problem with increasing loads/temperatures.

For reference, I have a coolmaster thermaltake case with 4 case fans, a GTX 670 2GB, an intel i7-2600 and a 1200w power supply that I have checked outside of the case that I know works.

My computer will run totally normally, with idle temperatures of the low to mid 40s for my cpu and mid 30s for my gpu.

All of a sudden, randomly, at various intervals, the computer will start warming up on CPUID as if it were running skyrim or some kind of very heavy cpu/gpu program.

The GPU temperatures will increase to the low 80s C and the CPU will increase to the mid to high 60s C. This usually lasts for 20-30 seconds and then it stops, and the computer cools down to its usual idle temperatures.

As best I could, I checked the background and I don't see any programs running. I am not sure what is going on.

I appreciate your help in advance.
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  1. Oooh, interesting. Have you checked for viruses and or malware? Has it always done this or has it just started happening?
  2. JUst recently. I will check for viruses/malware. What programs do you recommend to check? And also, so I understand, why woudl viruses/malware cause taht to happen?
  3. In fact just in the last week after 2 years of no problems
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    Malware/viruses might cause it for various reasons, I can't really speculate as to what but its a good idea to check anyways. I generally use malwarebytes and kaspersky/avira/MSE

    You can probably find out whats causing it by noting the time it happens and go into event viewer then check and see whats doing what. Might take some searching though. I would also run a windows system integrity scan in command prompt: SFC /Scannow. Thats the command it has to be run as admin.
  5. Thanks much - I actually think this worked!
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