Is this cheap RAM just as good as more expensive priced RAM of the same type?

Hey guys.

Out of these two RAM sticks, which is the better choice and why?

Kingston Technology KTH9600B

Corsair Vengeance

Is it worth spending the extra £10 or so for the Corsair?
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  1. Corsair is popular. It has heat sink. Kingston offers no timing data.
  2. NOT the same. Kingston is pc 10600 & corsair is pc 12800 w/heat spreaders.
    The corsair is better & faster.
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    spend the extra money. the corsair is nicer visually, has a higher clock speed, and tighter timings which is well worth £10
  4. I was thinking that, but my friend had me in doubt so I thought I would clarify why the corsair RAM is the better choice. This will be going into a cheap gaming PC build, and later upgrade to another 4GB RAM stick for dual channel benefits.

  5. The Kingston DRAM you show is a niche product aimed at HP/Compaq systems that use a semi proprietary type of DRAM...with their off the shelf computers they would have the BIOS set to run 'non-standard' DRAM (generally a few oddball timings) so you were somewhat forced to go to them to buy DRAM upgrades at outrageous prices - the did the same with harddrives also. If you have an appropriate HP or Compaq it will work fine - otherwise maybe - or - maybe not!
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