GTX 770 Monitors 900P or 1080P?

Right now
I have 2x 900P(1600x900) Monitors.

1 for Gaming and 1 for Browsing

GPU is GTX 770

Will it increase the gaming performance if i were to upgrade my Gaming monitor to 1080P?
I also heard that having 900P is overkill for GTX 770

I'm only planning on using 2 monitors so the extra one will given to my brother
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  1. definitely go for a 1080p moniter man. that card should output 1080p like butter.
  2. that card could run 3 1080p screens like butter... :L

    it wont increase performance per se, but it will finally output in HD graphic resolution, it will look better, by default.

    you probably misunderstood when being told a 900p is overkill for a 770... the 770 is overkill for a 1080p monitor, unless you want to run Crysis 3 on Ultra settings... it still makes the world fluid...
  3. Im not sure what kind of monitor i should get
    Budget is 200$
  4. Huntea said:
    Im not sure what kind of monitor i should get
    Budget is 200$

    It will almost certainly be LCD
    IPS = true to life colour, wide viewing angle (up to 160 degrees so not great for privacy) MUST be good quality to have a response time between 1-7 ms
    TN = Better contrast (Good quality ones can have good colour too) Almost impossible to get one with a bad response time.
  5. With a cursory look, they both seem fine and decent. It is truely a matter of opinion, and what your own eyes are capable of seeing.

    Some people see more colours, so an IPS may be more vivid for them, on the otherhand if you have average or below colour perception, you may not notice the difference.

    I'm happy to buy pc parts online, but a screen? I STRONGLY SUGGEST you go in store and look at examples of the two technologies side by side, and see which image suits you better.
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