How good is this build? Best bang for your buck?

Im pretty sure this is a good build thats gonna be the best bang for my buck.

My questions are:

-Would everything fit in this case
-Should I get a Full Tower Rosewill Thor v2 instead of the Fractal Design Define R4
-Would I be able to overclock the CPU to about 4.5 GHz
-Should I get the 780 or wait for AMD's 9000 series cards

FYI: I am getting the CPU and Motherboard at MicroCenter so for both of them it will cost $398. Making the cost of the computer really $1578.49
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  1. I would use 1866mhz ddr3 if you plan to overclock that much and would say just go with the 780 over waiting its hard to say what the next amd cards will even be like
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