Should i buy a new PSU ?


First of all, my specs :
CPU : Pentium dual core e2200 2.2 ghz
GPU : AMD Radeon HD 3450
Ram : 4 Go Corsair 667 mhz
PSU : ATX 450W
Motherboard : ECS P4M900T-M2 (V2.0)

So, i'm planning to upgrade my rig, i want to buy an Asus 7790 DC2OC Version and to overclock my cpu to 3/3.2 GHz. A friend told me that my 450w PSU wouldn't run all this, is he right ? :D
If he's right, i'll take a Corsair CX600, is that fine ?

And do you find that the 7790 is overkill for my cpu even if i overclock it ?
I don't think i'm in much of a trouble for the ventilation, my cpu is at 44°C idle, i have 3 fans, one on the PSU, another on the CPU and last one on the lateral side of my case and the gpu has 2 fans so no worries there.

Hope to have answers quickly, thanks for reading ! :D
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    Should run just fine with a 450w.

    Do you have an exhaust fan out the rear or top of the case? If not move one of the side ones to the rear.
  2. exactly what psu do u have and also ur cpu would be a bottleneck for ur gpu
  3. I have 1 fan at the back, it's the PSU one, none on top and the one on the side is quite small.
    Let's say they're like these ones :

    Should I move the left one out the rear ?
    And i don't know what brand my psu is, my brother bought it and he doesn't know either.
    Thank you for the answers !
  4. Yes, move one to the rear. You need one exhaust minimum besides the psu fan.
  5. Well, I had to buy one anyway, i didn't have a 6-pin connector on my old one !
    Plus, after some research a CX500 is enough for that build an the cpu do cause fps drops occasionnaly !
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