Palit GTX 650Ti Boost 2GB high temp while playing BF3

I just bought this GPU yesterday, I already updated my drivers. When I play BF3 in the first 15minutes, temp goes 70-78c. Is that safe for this kind of GPU? I already put 2side fans Intake in the case, 2 intake in the lower front of the case, 1 intake in the bottom, and 1 big exhaust at the rear top of the CPU. I was thinking if it is ok to manually increase the FAN speed of the GPU through Thundermaster ONLY when playing BF3 and other HD games. If it is okay, how many %? 60% fan speed? or 70%? Thank you
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    GPUs are built to endure high temps under load. I am not sure on that particular card what a good temp is, however that is still within a relatively "safe" range. Do you know if the fans on the card itself are intake or outtake? If they are outtake then the side intakes could be interfering. What case do you have?

    As for the fan speed increase, that is perfectly fine and recommended. Increase it to whatever you can withstand noise wise. Like when I game my GPU fans hit 70-80% typically.
  2. Don't even worry about your temps until they hit 80C, and you should only start to panic once you are at 90C. Where you are is fine.
  3. Wow! I tried upping the fan speed to 70%, temp when playing BF3 now only 64c! Thank you!!! Later on i will try crysis 3. Thank you for your quick answer!
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