Asrock 990fx Extreme3 or extreme 4 ?

Well after many days thinking,confusing and searching I decided to make my jump:bounce:
Cpu fx-6300.I decide this chip over 8320 cause ,1 :For gaming only, 8 cores is to much for gaming only anyway and 2. power consumption. 95wv 125w ..well is something plus 6300 can overclocked with ease when I plan for that.
Now the big dilemma.
I was thinking to buy the asrock 990fx extreme 3.Low price for what it gives and many features.But ..I am wonder for the quality of PCB.And for overcloking I have read in web arent so good cause of the heatpipe on the chipset (low quality also and become hot easy).
On the other hand the 990fx extreme4. 40 bucks more but excellent heatpipes on chipset's (actually comes with fun to apply if anyone want to push the chip further) a far better PCB quallity ,gold caps, and some more features.Means to me extreme 4 will have more life on use than 3.
Another option was Asrock 890fx deluxe5.Cheaper than both and nice quality also..but what the diffrence between 890 and 990?
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  1. 990FX E3's biggest plus would be SLi support. Other than that, it's not an outstanding board in its price range, with only 4+1 phases in its design, which is even less than some 970 models ( the gigabyte 970a-ud3 has 8+2 phases power design ). Not good for some mid-range OC. Unless you're a die hard Asrock fan then the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 is the best board under 120$, which win over the Asrock 990FX E3 in any circumstances.

    At the price range of the 990FX E4 : tough choice, but the Gigabyte board above would still win, as it's even comparable to Asrock 990FX E9 :,3464.html , or you can go overkill and grab the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5
  2. I am not die hard with Asrock :) Just I had bad experience in the past with gigabyte,MSI,foxconn,Chaintec...even asus wasnt so to say 'stable'.But ofc some years have pass already.But I see asrock have some usefull tools (like xfast Lan) good for mmo's.
    GA-990FXA-UD5 I have read from rumors have some power troubles wich GA-990FXA-UD3 hasnt.And I feel uneasy.
    So lets say some more clear question:With 990fx Ext3 can I OC fx6300 without hot problems in chipset or to go for extreme 4 ?
  3. Yes you can OC fx6300 without hot problems using the 990fxa E3.
  4. I have this case
    The good with this case is have so much airflow already I hope will not be a problem to OC for 4ghz for example...
  5. I prefer the Asrock Extreme 4.
  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I prefer the Asrock Extreme 4.

    Is excellent ..if would be for example 20e higher I would buy it. But is 40+ e ,And I am not planing crossfire at least near feature .But on the other hand is as I write earlier ..better PCB,better quality than extreme 3 I feal like ping-pong ball where I will goal I wonder? :D
  7. Best answer
    No regrets , grab the 4.
  8. Is done ..I order fx 6300 + Asrock 990fx extreme4 + Artic MX-4 as thermal paste.I have heard so good things about this paste but since I didnt want from difrent market to order the silver 5 ( I know is better) they didnt have it so I grab the mx-4.
    I didnt expect to return to AMD after 6 years ( I have still the QQ6600 OC at 3 ghz runs still ) ;)
    Thx for the advice :)
  9. That MX4 is awesome it's the only paste I use.
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