What did I do here (img)? Was I set up as raid?

I recently built a new system with the idea that my 256g Samsung ssd would house windows and games ... and I'd' use a second WD 1tb to store files, music and the such. Everyone works great except that I could not find my WD. Bios shows it. I found it in device manager. And looking at disk storage I see it, although I can't quite figure out how I've set this all up.

Did I set my system up in raid by accident? It looks like my WD is being used for Windows from what I can see. During install, I had to reintall Windows - not sure if this has any bearing. Any help appreciated and cheers!
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    You're ok, mostly.

    The "system reserved" on the WD is the Windows boot info. This often happens when more than one drive is connected during the install. Do not delete it.

    The rest (911.41GB) is unallocated space. Create a partition there, format, and give it a drive letter.
  2. Why do you think it's in RAID? I see a C drive that is formatted to around 239GBs so that's your SSD. Windows 7 will automatically create a 100MB recovery partition when it's installed. (if you only have one hdd then it goes on that one. If you have more, then it goes on the next one.) See that big 931.xGB unallocated space? You need to format that now and turn it into a drive. Then you are done.
  3. Ah great and ty.
    Off to partition and format.
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