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Hello. I'm choosing the right monitor for my new PC. I've a GTX 770 to power it, so it should have plenty of juice to run at 1920 x 1080.

I read some great reviews about 120-144hz monitors. And need help deciding rather i should spend the extra 100-120$ getting a 120hz.
ASUS VG248QE (144hz!!!! 1ms refresh !!!)
BenQ XL2420T
Acer GD235HZbid

Are those some good 120-144hz monitor i should be considering? Or is there better ones???

Also. is a 120hz monitor worth it when compared to something like this. which saves me around 100-120
Asus VH238H
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  1. I honestly would just get a 60hz monitor and save the money.

    I would go for a 60hz 1080p IPS panel. I would take an IPS panel over a non-IPS 120hz monitor any day of the week.
  2. ASUS VG248QE

    I love that monitor ^
  3. Can you please explain why you would take a 60hz IPS?

    I did some research myself, and it seems that IPS makes the response times slower due to higher contrast and better pic quality.

    Also SR-71. Would the ASUS VG248QE be worth the over 140$ price increase
  4. Just partial because my son owns it.
  5. Ok. Which monitor would you use, and would suggest
  6. The ASUS.
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