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Here is my Question i have a older tripple channel board with 6 Pc of 1333 memory. If i get a newer board and take 4 of the memory will it work in a newer board. then the same question if i take or buy double channel memory can it work in the triple channel board. When you break it all down to single pieces the end of the day.

doesn't it just matter that all the memory be the same speed and clock settings. Does the memory really care if it was sold in lots of 6 or 4 ? I would like to put 32 GB in my triple channel board. But all memory today is sold in lots of 4 for the double channel. So i can buy 2 lots of 4 pieces and then just use the 6 pieces instead of all 8 and it should still work ?

Tripple channel VS double channel why did they go backwards. I thought they would have stayed with triple channel instead of going backwards to double channel. I have the Rampage Extreme board the newer one today only has 4 memory slots.
Thanks for your answers ! I had a suspicion there wasn't much difference. It's just the way they match and sell them. Soon as i searched for triple channel memory sets i started finding them. I hadn't seen any until i specifically search for them. funny thing is the quad sets are cheaper so i might buy 2 quad sets and use the extras in another computer. Now i just found a Toms Article on do i really need this much memory. I have 12GB of 1600 and 24GB of 1333 i may just stick with the 1333 24 i didnt see a difference in going from 1600 to the 1333 . I assume im not going to see a difference in 12GB to24 or even 32 GB currently no games or programs really need that much memory. Might be better off saving the money and getting newer video card or run another ATI 5800 in crossfire. :bounce:
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    Most likley no issues but you would need to know the mobo in advance to check.
    Of course you could get 8 sticks and post 2 of them to me, it would work out fine for the both of us. However there are lots of triple channel kits available.
    If I had to guess why most boards are double channel I would say that larger memory size per stick is generally cheaper per GB also less chance of insufficient power/incompatable sticks.
  2. Yes it's fine. The only reason they are sold in "kits" is so you get matching sticks. You can buy 2 identicle sticks and run them together in a dual channel mobo, same thing.
  3. Any time you mix sets of DRAM from different sets it can be problematic, especially with 1600 and up, it's always best to to buy all the DRAM you want in a single set, preferably the amount of sticks you want... sets 1600 and up are programmed for XMp based on the set and the more sticks in a given set changes the advanced timings i.e. 2x8GB might take a tRFC timing of 208 whereas a 4 stick set may need the tRFC up at 314, so if you want to try mixing sets, be prepared to possibly have to adjust advanced timings and voltages

    If going to run 32GB in a triple channel mobo, first make sure your mobo can handle 8GB sticks, then make sure you have the latest BIOS and go with a straight 4 stick set. Check your mobo, but most x58 mobos will support 4 sticks in triple channel just fine
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