computer randomly freezes

my computer freezes randomly, and i can't seem to find out what the issue might be, so far i have;

1. run memtest to make sure my ram isn't faulty
2. removed any additional hardware that might be causing the issue (all external hardrives, gaming peripherals, extra hardrive and ssds)
3. defraged my main hardrive (someone suggested this to me)
4. verified to make sure my ram is receiving the appropriate voltage

after all these self tests, i have found nothing wrong with my system. is there any other issues that you know of that could cause the pc to randomly freeze up? or at this point is it better to bring it to a technician?
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    It's a software based issue in most cases.

    Reinstalling your OS will solve the problem, I've encountered the problem myself and by reinstalling Windows the problem dissapeared.
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