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in my current set up i have a 500gb hard drive for my os, games and such. however, i would like another 'storage' hard drive for videos. I have about 300gb of videos at the moment and will likely have more in future so anything 500gb+ would be good. can anyone reccommend a cheap brand new option which will do the job? not buying second hand as it will probably break tomorrow.

Also, i know it will sound stupid but how do i wire up a new hard drive?(noob)
I have the gigabyte 78lmt-s2p mobo if that helps.
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    You can find 1TB drives starting at $69.99 on Newegg ( ). Seagate or WD should be fine. If you choose a WD drive you might want to consider a Blue or Black drive instead of the Green one. You would need a SATA data cable ( ), as the OEM versions of drives do not come with one, to connect it to a SATA port on the motherboard. The power connector will come from the power supply unit (PSU).
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