Minecraft Server on Linux

I live in South Africa so I need parts that are available there.
I am building a dedicated Minecraft server for 10 people(will expand later)
I need help with parts
Right now its just for personal use.
I will use Linux as an OS
My plan is
CPU:Core 2 duo
GPU:inter grated
Case:cheap one with a psu
Monitor:cheap old one

Please give suggestions
My budget is R2000 ($180-200)
I have 1100($110)
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  1. That should be ok, the thing I'd be curious about is the max RAM the motherboard can have because that's a large determining factor in how many people you can have on the server. Also, your internet connection speed matters (unless you're planning on having a LAN server.

    This website might be helpful in getting a rough estimate of how many players you can host based on internet speeds.

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