Graphics card not working, loud exhaust fan. Please help

I built a computer from scratch in December and it has been running smoothly up until the last 2 weeks. When powering up, there would be a loud fan noise and the display wouldn't start, but this problem was resolved after rebooting and the problem only happened occasionally.

Recently, the problem has got worse and now the fan is very loud and the computer/display won't start up. At first I thought it was a CPU or case fan problem but have narrowed the problem down to the graphics card (EVGA 670 FTW) When the graphics card is removed the computer works perfectly fine but when I attach it again, the exhaust fan of the graphics card is very loud and won't start the computer/display.

I've tried cleaning dust and the card connections to no avail.
From what I've read it could be a fan problem or power supply. Personally, I don't think it is the power supply as the computer works fine without the graphics card and at 650 watts it should suffice.

It is still under warranty so I could send it back to the website I bought it from but would like to fix the problem myself if possible. Would appreciate any insight or help on fixing the problem. Thanks

EVGA 670 ftw
16gb corsair vengeance
Sandisk extreme ssd
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  1. The only way to test if the power supply is the culprit would be to install another high end graphics card and see if it works, or try your graphics card in another system. Technically you could also use a PSU tester if you can get your hands on one.

    If it really is the graphics, then the best course of action would be to RMA it.
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