Intel core i5 3570k cpu temp normal?

I have a cooler master elite 431 has 1 front intake and i have installed 1 rear fan cooler master xtra flow which run across 2000 rpm. Im running my cpu on stock fan and stock thermal paste.
This is my core temp readings at idle:
Core #0 :29
Core #1 :30
Core #2 :32
Core #3 :38
Is it normal for a stock fan and thermal paste.
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  1. That's about normal, perhaps a little above, but come on - the temperatures on idle mean absolutely nothing.

    Go run a stress test and monitor the temperatures at 100% load - then you'll know if you should be worried or not.
  2. Ok il do that. but i have noticed that the core #3 has more temp than the others always..its like 39 degree to 40 degree on idle
  3. That's usual - the cores aren't spaced evenly throughout the CPU, so that one is probably more insulated somewhere in the middle, or off to the side with a slightly worse connection to the heatsink.
  4. i get 67 70 71 71 temp when i run (in-place large ffts) for 15 mins, is it good
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    Yep, you've got nothing to worry about. It could be cooler, sure, but you're not going to damage anything with temperatures like that.
  6. does too much temp reduces the cpu life?
  7. Yes. But you're not at the point where it's something to worry about yet.
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