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i guys, i recently bought a hd 7870 because from what i researched it would play my games well. i have found though that in my case it isn't performing as well as it should. whilst playing tomb raider i have had to reduce my settings to normal because of frame rate drops and even then i get an average of 40-50fps with it dropping to 20 in some cases. It has a running temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius and im not sure if thats is alot. I have an fx 4100 processor which i read should not bottleneck that much but i am sure the card is not performing as it should. all the drivers are up to date. does anyone have any suggestions, cheers, YarManYak
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    4100 is not good for gaming. upgrade to a 4300/6300.
  2. ahh, cheers for the quick reply, i though it might be that. i was thinking of upgrading to an fx 8350 but i wasnt sure if it would fit my motherboard. if i have an msi 760GM-P23 and the fx 4100 fitted would and fx 8350 fit? i know that intel have different fittings but i wasnt sure about amd. also is 80 degrees a high running temperature whilst gaming?
  3. their cpu support list shows it will take up to an fx 8300.
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