what kind of motherboard should i get

I currently have a i7-2600 non k
2 gtx 680's 2gb
A corsair neutron ssd
16gb of samsung ram
750watt psu

What would be a good motherboard to run with this setup. Of course i would obviously need sli....im thinking asus as far as brand ...any recomendation??
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  1. Is this a new build, or something where you already have all the parts listed?

    What brand and model is that PSU?
  2. Its a new build and the psu is corsair tx750....
    Whats the diffrence between the p67 & z77
  3. The p8z77 sounds good....one more question should i ditch one of the gtx 680s..
  4. I build with the Sabertooth lines , flawless.
  5. So wats the diffrence between the sabertooth z77 & the p8z77 pro??
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