First time water cooling system *Are my Temps okay?*

Hello All !

I have built a few gaming rigs but this is my first custom water cooling loop. After a few days of installing everything I am concerned with the temps I am seeing. They are not by any means "bad" but I expected them to be much better. Maybe my expectations were too high so I am hopping someone with a equal amount of hardware can share their temps or tips.

The rig:

CPU: FX - 8350 (STOCK No over clock)
Motherboard: Gigabyte fx-ud7
Memory: Kingston hyper x blu 12gb
GPU: 2 x 7970 in crossfire
PSU: InWin comander 1200w
Case: Thermaltake Mk-1 Chaser
3x1080p 23" monitors @ 5760x1080

Water cooling Loop:
Res: Swiftech Maelstrom
Pump: MCP35X Pump Connected via PWM set @ 4500rpm
Rad #1: 400mm Phobya with 2x cooler master 200mm fans pulling out top
Rad:#2: XSPC 120mm rad with 1x 120mm fan pulling out back
Extra fans: 200mm fan puling in from front of case, 120mmfan pulling up from case (case is elevated)
CPU block : XSPC Raystorm
GPU Blocks: XSPC New Design Raystorms
Tubing: 1/2 in OD 3/8 ID UV blu
Liquid: SIlver coil and distilled water.

No Air bleed for 24hours moving case around everythign runs whisper quite.

Temps: Ambient room temp 26 c Hot in Texas right now :(

Water Loop temps (via res):
Idle: 29.5 c
Prime (20 min): 35.0 c
Furmark (20 min): 38.0 c
Battlefield 3 multi player (20 min): 41.0

Idle: CPU 19 c / GPU 40 c
Prime: CPU 38c
Furrmark: GPU 51c
BAttleifled 3: cpu 45 c - GPU 57 c

Coretemp (w/ +10c offset added)
Idle: 30 c
Prime: 48 c
Battlefield 3: 51c !!!!

MSI after Burninger:
Idle: GPU1 40 c / GPU2 38 c
Furrmark: GPU1 49 c / GPU2 51
Battlefield 3: 57 c / 59

The conclusion I have came to with the little experience and tons of research I have come across has led me to believe two completely different things.

1: Some people with fx 8350 and 2x 7970s have way better temps even overclocked which leads me to believe something is wrong.


2: Some people I see with a Fx850 and 2x7970s have almost the same temps as me which leads me to believe maybe the cards plus chips in the same loop mean that while they are all being stressed I will have higher temps even with 520mm worth of rad space.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out, basically I don't know if i should add more rads, fans, re-mount heatsinks etc.. if it's not going to get much better than this.. i'd hate to rip everything apart (again) and make things worst than they are. I'd like to OC only my gpu's in the future but it seems that a $800 WC system should give me that freedom, or am I just expecting more than science will allow.
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  1. something is wrong the flow on your loop is too low or slow to remove the heat off the cards and CPU as it is being produced. Pleases provide pics of your loop so that we can help with the redesign of the system to solve the issues that you are having.

    I have a build log that explains some of the issues that I ran into while building my rig, and how I fixed them. The last 4 pages show where I am now, with that build.

    I hope this helps, and please ask questions always happy to help out where I can.
  2. Based on the hardware that you have listed I have a loop design for you if you are open minded enough to give it a try I know that it will improve your temps.
    Ok so I will start at the pump outlet from there you will need a Y splitter so that the loop can pipe into both of the radiators at the same time. The outlet of the 120mm rad needs to go to the inlet of the CPU block the outlet of the CPU block will go to the reservoir inlet. Back to the Y splitter again before the radiators and the other line going into the 200mm radiator inlet, the outlet of the 200mm radiator will go to the inlet of the video card blocks. The video card blocks need to be configured in a parallel configuration with each other, the outlet of the video card blocks will also go to the reservoir inlet. Hopefully your reservoir has the ability to have two inlets otherwise you will need to have another Y splitter before the reservoir inlet to recombine the lines before the reservoir. The outlet of the reservoir will go to the inlet of the pump, ok so that is how I would design this loop with the hardware that you have described. I hope this helps please ask questions if you have any
  3. I'm inclined to think its a flow issue, you have plenty of rad space with that dual 200m rad.

    Its hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like you have the GPU's in Serial with each other?
    That would be the cause of your flow issues I think, hook them up in parallel and I bet you will see better temperatures. By putting the blocks in parallel, you effectively get half the flow resistance of a single block, while in Series you get 2x the resistance of a single block.
    The other way to tackle this would be to throw another pump at it, but I think some new fittings is a much cheaper option.
  4. Thank you both for the great advice. I will put in an order for another bridge and see if that helps.

    I posted the same question in another forum and they seem to think that two 200mm fans on top of the 400mm rad is not enough static pressure so I also ordered two more 200mm fans to place in push/pull. I will post results once i get everything in!
  5. reptexas said:
    I posted the same question in another forum and they seem to think that two 200mm fans on top of the 400mm rad is not enough static pressure so I also ordered two more 200mm fans to place in push/pull. I will post results once i get everything in!

    Actually going to 200mm fan route is more about quiet than performance even though you may have thought bigger is better and on the quiet front it is, but the problem is that the 200mm fans are just not into the high performance levels yet.

    Once the 200mm fans get up to the 32mm thickness range they'll be pumping more air, but that may take a while, it took a long time to even get the 180mm fans up to some higher performance levels but they're finally showing up now.

    IMO Your temps really aren't that bad anyway, but isolating the CPU from GPUs in 2 separate loops would yield better cooling performance.
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