Help 2 ram sticks gone bad over past months

What is wrong what information do i need to post.
What is killing my ram?

System Information
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Service Pack 1
System Motherboard: BIOSTAR N68SA-M2S
BIOS: )Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor (4 CPUs), ~3.0GHz (95w)
Memory: 2048MB RAM(kingston,KVR800D2N6/2G- 1.8v }
Available OS Memory: 2046MB RAM
Page File: 1632MB used, 2460MB available
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
Video Card : Powercolor Radeon HD 7750 1GB GDDR5
PSU : 500w
Overclock : None

Well i had kingston DDR2 1gb ,2gb months ago and got bsod memory_managment then i tested ram and the 2gb came up with hardware problems and couldn't even boot windows 7.

So i went out and bought 2x2gb kingston ram sticks and after a month or 2 today i got bsod Memory managment did test 1 of the 2gb had like 75k errors i couldnt continue 1hr + passed tested on both slots while the other 2gb no errors on both slots.

Not sure if usefull! :)
But Temp is 54-57 i think max on cpu while gpu temp is like 70-80 on battlefield 3 ultra( got a case fan and temp lowers by 5-6 degrees on both cpu and gpu so i don't think temp is a problem.
Also the only game i play most is this game All Points Bulletin : Reloaded (APB:Reloaded)This game uses up to 2.5gb of memory.Only yesterday i saw like textures missing on the ground and on a certain part of my character the texture is like a spot light long and thin like probably artifacts? I know software can't damage ram so I doubt this game is the case.

Edit : I'm running on the 2gb bad ram stick at the moment the other good 2gb is not inserted.
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  1. Let start with what DRAM, by model #, what CPU, any OC on the CPU, what mobo, what GPU and what PSU
  2. Overclock
    Manifacture error

    In some cases RAM failure is killing for the OS - you have to reinstall to make it run error free - but not allays .....

    Load you BIOS defaults
    Check RAM BIOS settings
    Run few pass of Memory test - Memtest 86+ f.e.

    In adition :
    Huge number of RAM faults is also can be CPU fault
    Test with second RAM will help you to see is it CPU
    And yes changing RAM slot also is good approach
  3. There are so many numbers which one is the model number how many figures?
    I updated my post above
  4. KVR800D2N6/2G is the model #, from the looks of it have a feeling 1 of three things may be failing, PSU (possibly not regulating voltage properly), CPU (MC could be going) or thing you could try is take the DRAM voltage to 1.85 and take the CPU/NB voltage up about + 0.04 to 0.06 from it's current setting...if there's a problem with the voltage regulation degrading this may straighten it out, no guarantees, but the voltage increases are well within accepted tolerances i.e. DRAM is a full 0.10 and CPU/NB has a tolerance of at least addition 0.20 from stock
  5. Well last time my 2gb failed i had a dual core @3.0ghz i recently got this quad core so i doubt its the cpu as for the mobo this pc dont even have 3 years got my psu with case i compress air my pc every 6 months so it not dust also i saw in bios
    the memory spec voltage is 1.950v i dont see anything lower in timing mode{wait ill restart and get a picture)
    timing mode is auto
    memory clock value or limi DDR 400 (it says limi not limit probably just for short?)
  6. ahh, a CPU upgrade...with that on the table, might want to check the install and make sure all is good on bottom of CPU and in socket..especially test the pins on the cpu for any bent/broken, a slightly bent pin may have, or be creeping out of the socket
  7. Memory voltage options are : 1.950v,2.00v,2.050v and 2.100v.
    But i had same problem with previous cpu,so i doubt its that :/
    How do i test the pins? i dont have any thermal paste i don't want to open it and mess it up :(
  8. Let's hold a minute, 1.95 is the LOWEST DRAM voltage option? You have 1.8 sticks, if 1.95 is lowest may have fried the sticks, I try and keep sticks to no more than + 0.10 over spec which would be 1.9, if they've been running at 1.95 that could it
  9. Yes that just blow my mind i dont have anything lower wth o.0
    In cpu-z SPD tab says voltage is 1.80v.
  10. One more thing if that was the case earlier this week, i smell like somthing is burning the case was hot too so i check the temp of cpu and gpu and was normal so thought ok thats normal load temp then. I did it 3 times because i kept smelling somthing not right. So playing this game apb, that game uses 2.5gb ram minimum+ system uses like 1gb+ and so while its runing task manager says ram usage is 3.70gb somtimes goes to 3.90gb. This cause the ram to fry beacause the usage is almost to the max physical memory? this game is worst than bf3 its a ram hungry game. Explains the high fps but stuttering recently in the game.
  11. The CPU-Z SPD tab is simply to provide you with with the sticks spec info that's drawn from the SPD....actual operating DRAM info is in the Memory tab, CPU-Z confuses a lot a people, so don't feel bad, I wrote a short info piece on it here:
  12. Oh ok glad that you answered that no offence taken :)
    So as in my previous post above is that the cause?
    wow i played this game for bout 7 months and had to change 2 sticks in those times.
    If so then i guess i have to call that awesome game quits :( by the way is there anyway i can lower voltage or probably put more case fans? would it help?
  13. Case fans or a CPU cooler fan might help, think best bet would be to contact BioStar and see if they have anything on tap to support lower voltage DRAM - seriously doubt it, but can't hurt
  14. I also saw this additional information while memtest running
    Settings : RAM : 200Mhz {DDR400} / CAS : 6-6-6-18 /DDR2 {64 bits}
    This not suppose to be @ 5-5-5-18 at 1.8v?
  15. Just answered another question on the numbers that pop up in Memtest, some time they are out of whack, check what CPU-Z shows in the Memory Tab
  16. Here is a picture 1 minute
  17. Running 800 6-6-6-18 2T tRC looks about right for thos specs
  18. Tradesman1 said:
    Running 800 6-6-6-18 2T tRC looks about right for thos specs

    So thats answered and i guess that leaves me with the option of lowering voltage or getting case fans.Thank you for your fast replies, you have been a wonderful help, thanks again :wahoo: now i know whats killing my ram sticks.
  19. Best answer
    Wish it would/could have been MORE helpful, but think we've at least identified the problem
  20. Tradesman1 said:
    Wish it would/could have been MORE helpful, but think we've at least identified the problem

    Atleast you save from buying another 1.8v ram stick i'll look for higher if i don't get any low voltage option on mobo thanks for your time and help again, and thanks for your reply
    Nikolay Savov, good day all :)
  21. Again no problem, enjoy trying to help others,

    have a gud 1 !

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