Will my PSU support a EVGA Superclocked GTX 770?

Hey Guys,

As I said in a diff post, I'm upgrading my GPU to a EVGA Superclocked 2GB GTX 770. It's currently on its way...

On a review of the card, I saw something that said that the card needs "42 amps on the 12V rail" from the PSU...

Honestly I have no idea what that means, or if my PSU can support it.

I have a Antec HighCurrent Gamer 750W (Non modular) PSU. -

Do I need a new PSU or am I good to go?
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  1. You're more than good to go. That PSU will likely even support 2 GTX 770s.

    However the PSU only got 40 amps per 12v rail, but I don't suspect it will let you down. Antec usually make some decent PSUs. A guy on Newegg mentions that he can run two GTX 570 with no issues whatsoever. GTX 570 uses more power than a GTX 770, so as mentioned before, you're pretty much good to go.
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    Ya would need 600 watts for the system and 1st GFX card, add 230 watts for the 2nd so it's a bit tight for SLI on that PSU, but 1 GFX card will be fine.
    The HCG-900 only handles 850 watts on the 12v rails or 70.8 amps. So if you going 2 cards x 42 amps, that would be 84 amps.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys.
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