Is this PC worth the risk or what can I get that is better?

I have been considering buying this desktop
but, because of their OPEN BOX policy, I don't know if I should take the risk. Do you think this PC will work correctly if I purchase it?

EDIT: I understand that I can make a better computer out of parts but, I have no knowledge of have to build a computer. If you would like to suggest this then please help me by giving details on a what need that is better than this and under or equal to $560.
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  1. Well you can build yourself a better pc...
  2. Marcopolo123 said:
    Well you can build yourself a better pc...

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    I wouldn't buy it just based on the specs alone. And the very idea they think this PC is worth $800 brand new is a joke. I mean with a GeForce GTX 650 video card? Seriously? You can build a much better PC yourself for around $600.

    With that said, I have bought an "open box" motherboard and case from the Egg and never to this day (four years later) have had a problem with them. I'm sure they tested this PC, otherwise they wouldn't be selling it. The Egg has an excellent reputation to uphold. My guess is this PC was bought by someone expecting to play the latest games on it and was thoroughly disappointed.
  4. don't buy that... just don't.
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