Intel Haswell USB 3.0 Detection Questions

Since no one is answering this in the motherboard section, I thought I would ask here.

I am planning to build my gaming PC/HTPC in either late August or the middle part of September. I am aware that the built-in USB 3.0 ports have been problematic when the PC wakes up from the sleep mode. However, I read on the forum of another site and one or two review sites stating that USB 3.0 External HDDs, which use the native (I assume that means built-in) USB 3.0 ports, and USB 3.0 devices connected to USB 3.0 expansion cards have not had issues where the computer fails to detect them when it wakes up from sleep mode. Can anyone confirm if these stories are true or false? Thanks.
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  1. Cannot yet confirm, but it would make sense as the USB 3 ports that are part of the chipset should not require additional drivers as the add on USB 3 controllers require.
  2. I do not know the nature or extent of the USB 3.0 bug intimately. Only that they had a rash of problems with it and that there is supposedly a "fix" for it coming. Though I sincerely suspect if they are having issues with USB 3.0, it would likely be a multifaceted issue if they are having to issue a "fix" to correct the issue.
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