New build restarts randomly and won't load os.

This is the first computer that I have put together and I can't figure it out. Everything is connected together correctly but it restarts randomly. The cpu fan and psu fan stay on during the restart. The components are:

MSI A55M-P33
AMD A4-Series A4-3400 APU
LG 24X DVD Burner
Thermaltake V2 ATX Mid Tower Case with 450W PSU
Centon 4GB Desktop Memory Module
All of those are from this kit (

WD Blue 500 GB Internal HDD

Please help(:.
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  1. Check in the bios the CPU temp. If t hitting 50 c or higher the CPU cooler not on right. In the bios check that the mb bios file is the newest one. Look on mb vendor web page under bios and see if the number in the bios is he same on there web page. The bios file going have updated CPU and ram code. The last is a doggy power supply.
  2. Check that your DRAM is installed firmly, also may want to raise DRAM voltage to 1.55, Centon sticks are often flaky
  3. I've run memtest86 and the ram checks out okay. When I try to get into the BIOS it just restarts, it won't even let me see anything. It pops up for a couple frames and then the comp just restarts again.

    EDIT. To elaborate on the BIOS problem, when I enter the BIOS I can see the first page but as soon as I make a keystroke or mouse the mouse the screen stops receiving input from the computer.
  4. Might try a CMOS reset to take everything to defaults and see if that will let you in and/or clear things up, might have had a power spike that screwed things up, can do the reset with the CMOS jumper or quicker, just unplug, pull the mobo battery out for about 15-20 seconds and reinstall, plug in and boot.
  5. Just tried the CMOS reset and I still can't get into the BIOS setup. Could I have a bad mobo?
  6. Could be, do you have or could you borrow a stick of RAM and try instead of what you have...have you checked to ensure all the power connections and cables are tight?
  7. I don't have any. I've completely disassembled and reassembled it so all of the cables are secure. Thank you for all of you help.
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    Can you get your hands on a different PSU to try with it? If you want to try it, I have a short tutorial on tearing down a system and benching it that I wrote here:
  9. I tried your tutorial and didn't get anything on the monitor for any of the tests.
  10. Look on the CMOS chip on the mb. For the bios rev of the mb. Check it with the mb vendor to see if it post your CPU. Try another power supply and check that the CPU heat sink on right. You have a power or heat issue.
  11. Tried the setup with another psu and still nothing on the screen. How should I go about checking the heatsink/cpu fan?
  12. Just got it to boot and load BIOS, I'm going to let it run for awhile but the cpu is at 37-38C a couple min after startup.
  13. Let us know what happens, is it with the 2nd PSU?
  14. That a good temp. If it was a bad temp it would shot up to 50c or hotter.
    If the temp at idle sits under 50c in the summer heat is fine. Under load want keep it under 70 c.
  15. No, I re installed everything with the original one.
  16. Well if into the BIOS check the DRAM, CPU and CPU/NB voltages - if to high they can be causing problems. CPU temp should be about 45C or less of at stock
  17. It works! Thank you both for your help through this stressful process. Y
  18. No problem, these things happen...and when they do many lose their cool a bit, next time (hopefully never) something like this happens you'll be better prepared...Used to do 100+ builds a year and things like this drive you crazy, have cut back to 1 a week or so on average and try and spend more time on other things like networking and my other business
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