Upgrading System Need Advice to Help Improve the Build

What are you planning to do with this computer?
Video Editing, Encoding, Transcoding, 3D Graphics, Photo Editng, AutoCad, Adobe Premier Pro, and so forth..

What is your budget? Since I already have everything except the Motheboard & Graphic cards. I would say my budget is around $2000. I understand that some graphic cards are more expensive then others. Also, When using multiple graphic cards it is better to upgrade the psu.

Does this include a copy of Windows? Already have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Are you from the United States or a different country? Yes

Are you ordering from your own country or from across borders? Yes Only U.S.

Do you have any specific requests with the build?
i7-4770k, need a great psu, mobo with alot sata ports and capable of handling 2-4 way sli

Do you plan on overclocking? If yes, do you have a specific goal in mind?
Yes, I would like to overclock the system and graphic card by 10%. (4.5ghz)

Would you prefer the build to be particularly small?
No, I have the Antec 1200 V3 Full Tower Case

Would you prefer the build to be particularly quiet?

In general, do you prefer this to be a computer that you can spend money on now and let it rest, or a box built for continuous upgrading? Continuous Upgrading

Do you ever plan on utilizing NVIDIA's SLI or AMD's CrossfireX technologies? These features, with a compatible motherboard, allow a user to link multiple identical graphic cards together for added performance. In real world terms, this lets you buy a second identical graphics card down the line as a relatively cheap and easy way to gain a fairly large boost in performance. However, this requires buying a SLI/CFX compatible motherboard and PSU now, which may result in slightly higher initial cost.
Yes, I'm going to be using Nvidia's SLI 2-4 graphic cards.

Please note, I already have everything else except the Motherboard, Graphic Cards, & I might have to change the PSU.
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  1. Since you are doing some serious software with it I think you might want to look at a Nvidia Quadro. Stick with Nvidia too either way. I recommend you go with Seasonic psus -single gpu 620w modular unit, -dual gpu/Titan 750w modular psu
    A couple of setups:
    1)Nvidia Quadro 2000 and a second card for rendering while you work, the Quadro 4000, if you are looking for power and efficiency, this is it!

    2)Your pro apps may not like SLI, so if you go with one card and a consumer one at that, go with the Nvidia Titan. Very fast at gaming of course and pretty great at pro apps too, I just don't know if some of yours are supported.
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