Help! First build won't turn on! Have no idea what I'm doing

My computer won't turn on after I think I've done all the wiring correctly, I have power to the motherboard, graphics card etc. and I think I have the power switch for the case plugged into the correct place on the motherboard. I'm using a sabertooth x79 motherboard and a haf x case and I've been trying to work it out for two days now.
There is a green light on the motherboard that comes on but nothing else works.
Do you have any suggestions of wires I should look at?
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  1. list specs

    power to the 20/24pin AND to the 4/8pin ?
  2. Look to see if the CPU or ram is on. If there on hard start with the simple stuff. Did you use the brass case standoffs to keep the mb from shorting out. On the outside edge of the mb is a four or eight pin power cable. On new power supply's there three power cables that you can screw up on. The blue six plus two or blue eight pin cables. These are for the video card.
    Most power supply's will have two four pin cables that make one eight pin or there one eight pin cable. If your mb has four pin power just use half of the eight pin cable. On the mb headers you can reverse the wires and cause the LEDs and on switch not to work or you can reverse the reset with the n switch.
  3. What's the PSU?
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