Computer won't start - I/O Front Panel or MoBo ?

My computer won't give any hint of life when I press the power button , so far I've tried by passing the power switch with a screwdriver . I've also tested my PSU with the paperclip method - everything went fine with the PSU .

So I'll start off with a bit of what happened and why I think it might be the front I/O panel . So I was on the computer for 5 hours or so one night and after an hour or so I got up , managed to catch my iTunes charger coord and rip it out of the computer . I also have an external hard drive and saw that it lost connection as well ( It wasn't touched ) .

So I shrugged it off for later since it seemed all my USBs on the top panel was out , and just went on to plug the two devices below on the 3.0 USB ports that isn't related to the front panel . A few hours later I was off to bed , nothing unregular has happened since . Next morning I tried to turn on the computer - got nothing .

Usually I Google around and figure it out myself , but I'm stuck right now , not sure rather to buy a 10-15$ new front I/O panel and hope for it to be fixed ( not sure if the front I/O is even required ? couldn't find info . ) or my MoBo is under warranty , but that would be a hassle if was all for naught.

Thanks , would love to hear some suggestions / thoughts on my problem
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  1. It sounds like the plugs inside the panel could have come loose, (the female bits that plug into the panel itself) you could try opening it up and pressing them in, then closing it back up. Also, the panel to mobo cords might have come loose for the power button? Check and make sure they're all plugged in and plugged into the right spots on your board. Some panels have one chunk of them together while others have multiple plugs you plug into the same spot/next to eachother. If it's multiple plugs, you might have mixed them up and put the power on the wrong spot or a ground if you removed it.
  2. Thanks but no go . Only thing that it could have been , was that it was loose , I pushed everything in , checked connections , check IO board for burnt solders , etc.

    I dont believe in coincidence (sp) for my MoBo to go out when my front I/O panel stopped working when that incident happened the other night . So can someone confirm that the Front IO could stop a computer from any sort of life ?

    Or should i be starting my return of MoBo. ...

    Any answers would be appreciated , thanks !
  3. Bump , need some guidance please.
  4. Was worth a shot.. Sounds like it may then be the mobo.. Did you try unplugging everything but the power button from the board then resetting cmos from jumper and removing the battery? Do you have an old computer you can part out and test your current board with?
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