need help buying a graphics card for pavilion p7-1254

hi i am trying to buy a graphics card that is around 200$ range. i am using

and was wonder if someone can suggest me a graphics card that can run mostly everything on max setting without buying some kind of power supply because i am a noob to computers(cant figure out of gtx 660 would work or not on my motherboard). thank you.
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  1. This is a nice 660 card just in your budget:
    The only thing you'd need to watch for is if u have a pci-e power connector that comes out of your PSU, if not you'll have to go with the lower end cards like the HD 5450 or replace the PSU
  2. Any PCIe video card will work with your case and motherboard. The challenge will be the power supply. I did not see it listed in the spec.

    Your CPU draws 65 watts.
    the GTX660 your looking at draws around 150.
    Add in another 50 for the board, ram and drives.
    Your computer would have a max draw of around 265-275.
    Pop the cover off the computer and see what the max wattage on the sticker on the PSU says. If its 300-or 350 then you should be fine. If its 250 then your going to have to go with a smaller video card like a HD7770.
  3. damn it says 200-240, if i do have 50$ more what psu should i get and how do i install it lol
  4. Installing the PSU is pretty easy, Its 4 screws to get the old one out, and then there are 2 connectors that go to the motherboard. One that goes to the hard drive, one that goes to the dvd and one that goes to the video card.

    The hardest part is making sure all the wires are neat and don't get in the way of the fans.

    Look on youtube for videos so you can see the whole process before you decided if you want to try it.

    This would be a good reliable PSU. or maybe this one
  5. thanks man, also what is the 6 pin thing that i need if i do buy a 7770hd
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    All modern video cards need a special power cable, some like the GTX660 need 2. Its a "6 pin PCI-e power" connector. Older PSUs, and super cheap PSUs do not have this connector so many of the video cards come with an adapter to convert two "molex" hard drive connectors into 1 "PCI-e power" connector.

    Chances are if you use the stock PSU in your HP you will need to use a power adapter for the new video card. If you get a new PSU that costs anything over $35 it should have the "pci-e power" connector.
  7. If you read the description of the video cards on a site like newegg, they normally tell you how many power connectors the video card needs, and there are normally pictures of the power connectors.
  8. okay i got the card today, i installed everything correctly but when i turn on the computer the screen wont turn on, when i plug out the graphics card the screen works, any idea why this is happening?
  9. You may need to mannually set in the bios that you installed a new card
  10. now that your using the graphics card the built in graphics turns off to save power. you should have the monitor plugged into the new card.
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