Does it matter what kind of HDMI cable I get for my monitor?

I wanted to take advantage of the speakers built into my monitor but I'm not sure if it matters what type of HDMI cable I use.

And I'm not sure if it matters or not my my screen resolution is
1920 x 1080 and the refresh rate is 75Hz.

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  1. No.
  2. Nah, does not really matter. Just get HDMI 2.1 compliant cable. Not that that is something that's clearly stated. I am not even sure if that really exists or if it's just marketing.

    Here ^
  4. Oops, I meant to add this to the original post:

    Would it matter if I bought this $3.00 HDMI or would I be better off with the one SR-71 Blackbird suggested?

    But thanks for the quick replies.
  5. I don't purchase from EBAY , but i have 3 of these cords and they all run without a hitch.
  6. Yeah i generally agree that things are simpler from Newegg... From what I have heard. Not in the US... LOL
  7. It doesn't matter at all. I bought a half dozen HDMI cords off eBay for $0.99 each, and they were fine quality and work well to this day (using them on TV from XBox, Bluray player, and cable box).

    Whenever you see HDMI cables advertised with special features, it's a load of crap. They're all the same as far as I can tell and as far as my research online has shown.
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  9. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Thanks that was mostly informative.
  10. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    This is what I needed. Thanks!
  11. Your very welcome.
  12. There are HDMI for sound only as well as for video only.. So, yes it does matter but it probably won't come up for you considering most HDMI you see are audio and video. Any gold plated connector hdmi you see on the shelf or online, via Tigerdirect or Newegg would do the job. If you do end up buying the wrong one, they're really cheap. As cheap as $3.00 a cord, so meh.
  13. The one I posted for the member is both , so that they won't have an issue.
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