How can I learn more about Computer Hardware?

Well, I know more than the average computer user knows about computers, but I think my knowledge about hardware is subjacent. I have searched the web and the things I find are pretty out-dated. I have read a forum post, and it said to read the "stickies" on top of the forum. What are the stickies?

I want to be a Computer Engineer when I grow up (I am 13). I know a little about hardware, some security, how to build a computer, what hardware does, a computer algorithm, how a computer works, and some virus removal. I also know some computer acronyms and their meanings, I am sure that it will be helpful some day.

I am also a Top Contributor on Yahoo Answers on Computer and Internet security.

TL;DR How can I learn more about computer hardware and/or computer-related things.
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  1. Just look around. This website is great for learning stuff if you just scroll through the forum posts. Also, despite how weird this may sound, there are quite a lot of good videos on Youtube that are informative. Books are pointless since they get outdated so quickly, but if you search hard enough, there are a lot of great sources on the internet. is another one of them.
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    READ and explore all that you can. Talk to as many people as you can. There are lots of great books, yeah, I said books too and of course the web which has well, everything. Take technology courses in school. Build as many PCs as you can. When you are a bit older get a part time job in the tech field. Volunteer and job shadow.
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