Are External Heat Sinks A Thing?

For a passive cooling system that has no GPU an external heat sink would be much more efficient than standard internal one, has any one ever seen such a thing? either for sale or as a custom case.
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  1. Not sure about the question.
    You need a CPU heatsink for sure. There are passive coolers for that.
    As for case fans, you can try running the board in an open case, if the room temperature is not too high and the case is not in a closed space.
    Or run the board outside the case. and check temperatures.
  2. you can put your rad outside the case, that is one possibility
  3. OK, question was kinda vague. What I mean is either a case that is sloped so that the cpu heat sink is exposed but the rest of the components are enclosed in the case or an extra large heat sink that protrudes out of a standard size case. Running without/outside of the case works for this but means that all the components are exposed and succeptable to dust and damage from the environment. I will try to photoshop an example of what im thinking of and post here.
  4. Just found EXACTLY what Im looking for
    Now to find out how extortionate it is!
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