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I bought a working power supply and installed it to the ATX power and when click the power button it wont continue to boot up. but the power light led will only blink.. but when im holding the wires of power supply that connected to the board . the led power and processor fans are automaticaly moving and suddenly off this is my board.. ecs a780gm-a no out put video card. Im using ddr 2 768 sata cable
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    A blinking light will usually indicate that the part is having a problem. Count the number of blinks, and consult to manual to find out what problem it corresponds to.
  2. probably loose wiring, like the err, what do you call those? the pins, terminal? crimps? or the solder itself
  3. when im moving the wirings of power supply that pinned to my board. there is only 1 blink light ( 1 second) when i push the power switch button sometimes it wont boot up. sometimes the light will open for 1 second only but no boot up.
  4. When you bought a power supply, did you just replace the previous power supply in a computer already working, or did you build a completely new computer?

    When powering up the machine, when it sometimes boots up, is the computer fully functional or does something else occur?
  5. I replace a power supply. no boot up
  6. I replace a power supply. no boot up
  7. If replacing the psu is the only thing you changed in your build, then the issue is most likely with the psu. There are a few possibilities:

    1. The psu is not plugged in well to the motherboard. Try using different plugs with the psu and see if they all have the same issue.

    2. The psu is shorting out against something. Try taking everything out of the case and building your computer on top of a wooden table or piece of cardboard.

    3. When swapping out the psu, a surge damaged the motherboard. Try swapping back your old psu and see if it still works.
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