Radeon 7970 Black Edition XFX crash in game

Hello everyone ,
Now 2 months I've got a Radeon 7970 Black Edition from XFX and now still 1 month I've got problem with it . So the problem is that when I play games (any games ) a black screen appears and I have no more image of the game but I can hear the sound of the game in my headset for 5 secon then I hear strange noise and nothing after . There wasn't any problem before and I didn't change anything .
I can play like 10 minutes and then I have this crash.

I looked if it was a temperature problem , it isn't the card reach 60 degrees before it crash . The fact is that with my Radeon 6870 of Sapphire I have no problem , so actually I don't where the problem come from .

My config :
AMD Phenom x6 1090t Black Edition ( 3 years I have it )
Asrock Extreme4 ( 1 year I have it )
Radeon 7870 Black Edition XFX ( 2 Month I have it )
16 Go RAM Corsair ( 1 year I have it )
TX650 Corsair , it's the power supply ( 3 Year I have it )

I think It's maybe a power supply problem or graphic card , I don't know. Does somebody have an idea ?
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  1. I was thinking before I even got to the bottom of your post that it is probably a power supply problem lol.. An easy check would be installing the newest graphics card drivers and maybe trying beta drivers.. are you overclocking the card and what OS are you using? If drivers don't fix it, it's probably a power supply issue.
  2. Thank you for this fast answer ;) . So actually I've got the version 13.4 of AMD catalyst manager and I've got the latest update of windows. The graphic card is actually overlocked by the factory .
    I've got windows 7 home premium edition .
  3. Then it just seems like your card is drawing too much power. Try installing Gpuc and hwmonitor to check your 12v.. it'll show constantly updated voltages of what your cords are running. If they're too far off of what they're supposed to be, you've got a problem. Try going into your catalyst manager and lowering the gpu performance clocks a little bit.. it might also not be getting enough power instead of it just being your power supply it could just be that the card isn't getting the power it needs because of restrictions set on it's power draw.. so you can try upping the power to like +5 in there as well.
  4. In the title it says 7970 but the list says 7870. Which one is it?

    Do you have another machine to try the card in?
  5. Odd question. But does your power supply not have an 8pin or 6pin that plugs into your graphics card? I don't see it on there. And I'm sorry lol I meant GpuZ.....
  6. So I've put in the AMD catalyst 300 and 150 mhz for the graphic card and still works , I'm gonna try to increase those value and see . Yes it's a 7970 Radeon . My power supply have two 8pin , I plug 1 8pin and 1 6pin because the graphic card need it .
  7. I found another unanswered thread on this same card.. Games ran fine when he underclocked it to 925 and 1375 in his catalyst.. I'm thinking it needs A LOT more power at the higher clock and increasing the cards draw puts a lot of stress on it and your power supply. So, keeping it at 925 and 1375 would probably fix the problem for now untill you can manage to make the voltage settings stable.
  8. Those settings crash again my computer . If I'd want to use all the power of my graphic car , I have to buy a new power supply ?

    I'm gonna test different settings for the graphic card .

    Edit : So settings that are good for me is 700 and 900
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    In catalyst there is a power control option... Try increasing the power by 2% and then playing, if it doesn't crash you're golden. If it crashes again. Try increasing by another 2% and so on up to 20%.. If you can't get it to stop crashing by increasing the power. You have to underclock it in small increments until it becomes stable. If it turns out that you are below your base clock when it becomes stable then you might think about RMAing the card. If it is stable at above regular speeds, then you just need to get a new power supply to boost the power option all the way up. The slider can give your card up to 40 watts more power by pushing it up to 20%. YOu might look for a voltage calculator online. You put in all the parts you have in your computer together and it adds up the amount of voltage it would normally use.. do that then add the 40 watts to it and see if that is too much for what your power supply is rated for. All together the card would be using like 200 watts. A power supply can't effectively give the amount of power it's rated for.. like a 600 watt would actually only give you around 540 watts because they don't run at peak efficiency. Try reading up online on the voltages your card normally uses as well.
  10. I have heard of quite a few problems with the XFX 7970s. The card could have quit.
  11. SOunds like I found the perfect config to solve my problem , so I put the first scroller to 700 the second to 1100 and then 20% down . I've just played 20 min and no problem have to confirmed with 1 hour of gaming . Thanks to everyone , specially Taunchi , thank you man .
  12. The problem was solved but it appears again . What could I do to don't have anymore the problem ? It's really strange cause this morning I could play 3 hours of borderlands 2 with no problems .
  13. RMA it
  14. RMA it and if the next one you get gives you the same issues.. buy a new power supply. That's about all the more I can suggest. For one last try.. put the power slider all the way to +20..
  15. Yeah I had the same problem[XFX HD 7970 DD black edition] but after I reduced the
    GPU clock setting 1000Mhz - 925Mhz
    MEMORY clock settings 1425Mhz - 1375Mhz
    POWER limit settings o% to 5%
    Leave the FAN on AUTOMATIC and ENABLE Graphics Overdrive
    NOW the Graphic card works perfect no errors
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