Who makes SRT / SSD Cache Motherboards anymore?

I recently saw a demo of a 2 year old board by the ASUS guy about SSD Caching. This looks so simple and awesome! I'm researching my first home built PC in ~6 years (With Haswell) and would love to integrate a hybrid-type system like SRT or SSD Cache.

However, my Google-fu has revealed that there are no Z87's with either technology. Is this accurate? Did this technology get abandoned? Is there a mobo with this yet to be released?

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    I think you will find that SRT on a Z87 MB is supported:
    "System Requirements

    •Intel® Z87, Q87, H87, Z77, Q77, H77 Express Chipset-based desktop board
    •Intel® Core™ Processor in the LGA 1155 or LGA1150 package "

    However, This was initially developed as a "LOW" cost alternative for the HIGH cost of a SSD. The cost of a SSD has come down considerably form that time frame - A single SSD large enought to Hold OS + Programs + some gams is NOW down to =< 100 bucks. AND is BY far much better than a Small SSD + HDD.

    A alternative is to buy a Hybred HDD that has a Internal SSD (normally around 8 Gigs) and eilimentates the Hazzle of setting up a SRT.
    1TB, 8 gig internal SSD, but only a 5400 RPM drive - $110.
    @ $140, Slightly smaller (750 GB) but 7200 RPMs, still with a 8 gig internal SSD.
  2. I appreciate the reply. The problem I find with having a ~250GB drive is that I can fill that up pretty quick, then I have to start putting games on another drive ... That's not a big deal, but what if I want to play some of those older games for a while? The SSD cache/SRT will automatically cache that after the first or second play of the game, whereas the alternative is to manually move my games to the SSD for faster access--which is a royal pain, especially with games on Origin.
  3. So, just to verify what you said, All Z87 motherboards have SRT. I had to bring up the manual for the asus z87 pro and it has it right there--Cool beans! I wonder why it wasn't mentioned on newegg's detail page.
  4. All of my systems, Win7 OS + Programs only takes about 35 gigs, and that is after having OS active for over a year. With a 250 gig drive that should equate to approx. 192 Gigs usable. 192 - 35 = 157 Gigs avail for Games.

    Tweaks I use - Savings based on a 8 gig Ram:
    .. Disable Hibernation - Save 8 Gigs
    .. Set Page file Min and max both to 1024 mbs - saves approx. 11 gigs
    .. Limit restore folder to 1.6 gigs (each restore point takes 300 mbs and just 20 points = 6 Gigs). From 5->10 Gigs
    ^ 3 Tweaks saves an estimated 20->30 Gigs of SSD space (More savings if you have 16 gigs of ram.

    .. All downloads go to HDD.
    .. I've relocated "My Documents" older to HDD - My data files do not go on to OS + Program SSD.
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