Cheapest Graphics card to max out Rome 2 Total War?

Hi. I am just curious as to the cheapest video card that can max out Rome 2 Total War at 1920x1080 resolution. All comments help!
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  1. The HD7850 with 2gb vram will probably do. Also depends on your processor though.
  2. Both byogamingpc and bigcyo1 have suggest good card, you should consider that, they give me rough time to find out which much worth, my outcome with no answer, due to price factor, its hard, GBT 7850 windforce 2X is best 7850, price worth;HIS 7870 is good too, one fan still doing great job in cooling, gigabyte one if you want the best 7870;MSI 660 TF3 not best 660, asus is, but still worth for the overclocking space. Up to you to analyse. For me, i go for the cheapest one, hard to choose.,9.html (good temp) no relation with topic
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