Nvidia Drivers Keep Crashing on new haswell setup

I just recently bought a 4670k and a Gigbyte z87m d3h mobo, i had a 670 prior to buying this setup and have had no problems the past 6 mnths or so with it. Ever since putting my new system together I get random video driver crashes , the performance is fine nothing is over heating everything is updated drivers and bios wise, I have run spyware and virus checks which have come back clean, I have run cpu,memory and gpu stress tests which dont cause any BSOD and I had no driver crashes while running these tests oddly enough... Anyone have any idea what could be causing the problem is it just nvidias drivers are not working properely with haswell atm ?
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  1. I was having a lot of blue screens with my new 4670k too but I've finally got everything sorted out now and its running so fast - very pleased!

    Couple of things to check assuming you have merely changed your mobo, chip and using the old gfx card and ram:-

    1) What exact make , model and voltage ram are you using? My old DDR3 ram didn't work well with Haswell so had to but some new sticks

    2) What gfx drivers are you using? I was on the new but awful beta 320 drivers. Uninstalled and went back to 314 whql drivers and now getting substantially more fps and no blue screens

    3) Are all 4 cores showing up in cpu-z or only 2?
  2. Yea it seems nice and fast runs games great whens it doesnt crash lol,

    My ram is G Skill PC12-800 DDR3 1600 CL 9-9-9-24.
    Dont seem to ever get BSOD just the display drivers failing., have set timings for ram aswell
    I have actually tried 306.23, 314.07, 314.22, 320.14 and 320.18 which seemed to crash the most.
    I also tried the clean install route with no luck aswell as trying uninstalling the nivida drivers from add/remove programs then rstarting in safe mode using driver sweeper and ccleaner restarting again then installing the drivers but still no luck lol
  3. I just bought that Gskill pc12-800ram today and my BSOD problems are solved. If you have the Gskill snipers it runs at 1.25 volt so you will have to reduce the ram voltage in bios from 1.5v to 1.25v and increase the speed to 800 (i.e 1600mhz).

    Nvidia 314.22 drivers are best. I'm getting 110fps on Ultra in Battlefield 3 on some maps now, better than the 35fps with my old i5-750, and using the same graphics card gtx660ti
  4. Na dont have the snipers I have the g skill ripjaws aswell which are running at 1.5V, its really annoying all I want to be able to do is play a few games and yea thats my ram
    My ram is G Skill Ripjaws PC12-800 DDR3 1600 CL 9-9-9-24.
  5. have you fixed the problem yet kenin?

    Its possible memory is related as mentioned above and system kernel + nvidia drivers can be quite sensitive when games are concerned.

    Since you've tried almost everything, not knowing if you've tried new memory or not yet, can i suggest looking at, possibly, conflicts with Nvidia's and Realtek's high definition audio devices.

    Have a look under sound in device manager and right click for properties for each one and disable the Nvidia high definition audio using the same location as the onboard Realtek high def audio.

    Wouldn't think it would be an irq problem but im starting to wonder since theres a lot of this going around atm (and some have fixed their driver issues this way) if theres been driver conflicts between Nvidia's sound chip (being Realtek) and the motherboard's Realtek audio, it hasn't been widely publicized and just speculation at this point.

    Might have nothing to do with audio anyway. See how you go with it if it helps.
  6. Unfortunately I took my pc back to the store this afternoon where they will test parts an replace if needed or get it going or me somehow which il be interested to hear how if so, il post an let ya guys know what was the problem in the end , my gfx card is not even a year old yet how long are warranties on cards usually as I'm worried they will turn around and ask me to pay for a new one
  7. youd have to see the terms and conditions for warranty from where you bought it. Check their website if they have one, i'd say a year.

    Good luck, and hope to hear back from you.
  8. computer store cant find anything wrong with hardware after overnight stress testing..... going to pick it up today and guess il try reinstalling windows as a last effort but after that im pretty sure iv pinned it down to being the drivers fault :S
  9. course not, hope they didnt charge you :( oh well its moving forward i guess.

    In your first post, how do you mean you get random crashes, is this during games?

    Theres been another one on here ive seen with similar problems. At first it was hard shutdowns, he replaced his psu and it solved the shutdowns only to then get bsods instead. He also vigorously stress tested and all came out clean before and after replacing psu.


    He formatted and still bsods wasn't resolved.

    Haven't heard from him since, hopefully you have more luck.

    Even though both your systems are completely different, very similar symptoms exist. Im wondering like you say drivers, but why. Is it something windows 7 is struggling with, is it Microsoft updates? or Nvidia them selves...

    Before you reformat if you haven't already, try what i suggested with the sound and perhaps troubleshoot further by disabling onboard sound in case there really is sound chip issues between GPU and onboard + Windows 7. Thats if you get your problems while gaming i suppose because between stress testing and games, sound and user input devices (usb) would be the only difference.

    Also are you using dvi or hdmi as your video cable?
  10. Gpu was faulty and wasnt receiving enough voltage under heavy load...
    Card replaced and everything fine...
    RMA baby
  11. although seems weird the card used to crash when idle sometimes but oh well not my problem anymore I guess
    shiny new 670 is great lol
  12. so what changed, thought they said nothing was wrong? unless you had a donkey on the phone.

    glad it worked out in the end, enjoy :)
  13. Yeah I think I got the donkey lol
  14. Maybe you could have just upped the gpu voltage in afterburner
  15. I did try raising the voltage when I had the old card but didnt help, still no problems with new card...... happy days
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