Would i need to reinstall my os to swap my current motherboard ?


I currently have an old motherboard and im thinking about buying a new one (MSI B75MA-P45)

My current specs are~

Intel Core I3 540 @ 3.07 Ghz Processor


8 GB DDR3 Ram [4 x 2]

Nvidia Geforce GT 620

Windows 8 64 Bit OS

I am thinking about buying a new motherboard



I see in the reviews that the pc keeps restarting if i dont format my hdd and install os again .. is there any way to do this without formatting

thanks in advance :)
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  1. Two things are in play here that in the end you will want to reinstall. If you are using either Windows 7 or 8, the MB change will trigger the current installation to see it as new system. Windows will want reactivation. On this point, if you are using an OEM version you may have to call MS to a rep. to activate for you. The other thing is that the OS expects to see the old hardware and has drivers and other OS elements installed for it. You will have to install the new chip set drivers and the new boards' specific device drivers (network, sound, etc.). It is asking for trouble not to clean install with a new MB. If you can afford it, and still want the new MB (why are you changing?) I suggest buying a new HD as well. Install Windows on the new HD before you connect the old drive. You will be able to then connect the old drive after and move any files, music, pics. and whatever over if you want. You will have to reinstall all your software as well. Once done with the old drive you can format it and use it for a backup dive. It can also be used to store music, pics, and other space using files, freeing the main drive up some. In your case you are not only changing the model but the brand MB. A new install is the best way to go.
  2. first, that motherboard isn't compatible with ur CPU, and i don't think i should be having such restarting problems (that guy's problem could have been due to some other reason)
  3. You would be going from an 1156 socket to an 1155 socket which are not interchangeable you would need to replace the CPU aswell. Oh and you would need to reformat. If you have an OEM windows install you would need to buy another one of those aswell.
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