DIY disaster - please help

hi all.

I have a problem - the new desktop pc I just finished trying to put together does not start at all. In making the pc, I was reusing some components from the PC i put together 4 years ago.

the new elements are:

1. i5-4670k
2. gigabyte H87M-D3H mobo
3. SANDISK SDD 128GB for Windows installation
4. ddr3

I planned to reuse -

5. another hdd
6. Cooler Master eXtreme 650w atx
7 . 9800gt gpu
8. cdrom

When putting it together I encounted some issues:

My mobos manual said that I had to use 2x4 12v power connector . However I cannot find such connector on my PSU. Among PSU connectors that partly fit, I see a square looking connector with 4 pins and 2 connectors with 6 pins each. I tried them all individually and in combination (with a couple of pins just hanging), but the pc still does not start.

Some connectors from my PSU which I believe are for fans do not seemto naturally fit into mobos fan sockets. Whether I connect them or not the pc does not start.

My Cdrom requires some huge old connector to fit into mobo, and it appears that my new mobo does not have a socket for it. So I did not connect my cdrom. I dont however see how it could affect the pc not starting.

Some time after I started putting everything together I realised that my screw driver was slightly magnetised to make the capture of screws easier. Could that destroy something in my pc, e.g. when I attached mobo?

Any other ideas what may have gone wrong? I am definitely not an expert on pcs.

PS I used grounding wrist braslet.

PS 2 - btw, my cpu did not have any thermal paste in the box and instructions had no mention of it. Anyone knows whether it is already somehow applied on the fan or is it not needed?
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  1. You're putting PCIE connectors in CPU power. Not good.


    You're probably gonna need a new psu, maybe a new mobo because you just blew it up.

    Serioulsy i have never seen something like this wtf.

    Don't just go jamming things in on and another when building a pc unless you know what you're doing.
  2. It's the 2x4 pin connectors that's the first issue. You can purchase an adapter that will clip onto one of your molex peripheral cables converting it into an additional 4 pin motherboard cable. As for the cd drive, you may as well scrap it. A dvd/cd burner costs next to nothing.

    You will also need thermal compound.
  3. like aatje92 said, PSU connectors are different for a reason, they're keyed for the specific connectors they need to go in. Don't force them where they don't belong, or leave some out. You probably fried your mobo already, if you didn't you were extremely lucky.
    What you need is help from someone who's built a PC or two before, preferably recently so. Getting remote help from forums will not work because the helpers are "blind" to what you've done and what you're trying to do.
    And yes, the CPU heatsink needs thermal paste for optimum heat transfer. You'll need to take that apart and apply some paste, although that seems to be the least of your problems right now.
  4. Ok, thanks all. What is my next step from here? Take it all apart and take mobo and cpu to a pc store for checking if they have been damaged? Or is it possible to diagnose in some other way?
  5. Taking it to someone or somewhere they know how to build a system would be a great learning experience for you, like I mentioned before. While inserting components in compatible systems to check if they still work or not could be a easier way, I don't think the mobo can be checked that way.
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