Too many monitors to choose from, need some advice!

Hey guys, I am having a really tough time choosing a monitor. This monitor will be used for gaming, web surfing, programming. I plan to buy an 8850 when it releases. I'm building a new desktop in August. I'm pretty set on buying an IPS panel. And I don't think I'll need HDMI, but it is a nice added feature (for future?)

This is what I am down to:

Dell 23'' U2312HM - ~$200

Dell 24'' U2412M ~$275

LG 27'' ~$250 (I added this because a 27'' IPS for $250 seemed good....)

Viewsonic 23'' ~$150 or 27'' ~$240

I am leaning towards the Dell U2312HM because of the dead pixel policy for ultrasharps. And it's a decent price point.

Viewsonic also has a 30 day zero dead pixel guarantee, which is really nice. But is that brand reliable? Never bought their products.

The Dell U2412M is really nice, but I'm not sure how 1920x1200 would be for videogames (fps). And it is a bit pricier. I'de like to stay $250 or below. Preferably Under $200.

Any insight, other recommendations, or info would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. For programming, I would suggest having dual monitors. This is nice because you can have your IDE on one monitor and your internet browser on the other. If you are going for two, I suggest two of this:

    But if you insist on one monitor, then I would go with Dell 23" you suggested. For $200, that is a pretty good monitor for what you want.
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