Gigabyte GTX 650ti boost vs Zotac GTX 660

Hello, I'm about to buy a new graphics card and I'm between these 2:

My system specs:

Core i5 2300
4 GB ram
1TB HDD 7500rpm
Thermaltake TR2 500w PSU
Gigabyte H67M-D2 motherboard.
1920x1080p res.

I'm comming from a Gigabyte HD5670oc 1GB GDDR5. (sold it to my dad so I'm currently just using integrated HD2000)

*Prices in Peru*

Gigabyte GTX 650 ti boost oc 2GB - $229.303 USD


Zotac GTX 660 - $260.455 USD

These are the only ones I could get, the Asus HD 7850 2GB is $320.766 USD and XFX HD 7870 2GB is $326.136 USD so I'm not counting on those (no other HD 7850/7870 models available here or they are even more expensive)

My question is: between the 2 cards I listed first, will it worth it the $30 difference in price for the performance I will get? thanks for your answers in advance.
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  1. Go for 660. With only $30 difference it would be better fps/dollar choice.
  2. Best answer
    Go for the 660, as it is easily worth the extra $30 and is a great value for money card. Here is Tom's review of the GTX 650 ti which included benchmarks between it and the 660.,review-32657.html
  3. Thanks everybody I just ordered the GTX 660 will be here in 2 days.
  4. Have fun with it, I've been enjoying mine for over 6 months!
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