Turned mic volume to 100, now it is making EXTREMELY loud beeping noise!

Please help me! I was calling a friend on skype, and he said my mic wasnt working, this was the first time i tried to skype. (new pc).. So i went to Start > Sound and set microphone to 100, now it is making EXTREME beeping sound that wont stop, i quickly turned it off with the off button on the keyboard, tried to reboot, but still there, and it wont start!! PLEASE GOD HELP ME! Ive tried to restore to earlier date, but it fails on all!
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  1. remove that device from your computer and then try
  2. Hmm. When I started my computer now, it worked, it was saying that it got complete.. But i still cant be able to use my microphone! Please help!
  3. I the loud BEEP is from the speakers, Try to disconnect the mic. If it goes away, you need to mute it on the playback settings(Speakers -> Properties -> Levels -> Pink/Rear Pink or Mic depending on the sound card, mute that).

    All adjustments have to be made under Recording and not Playback.

    Theese are my current settings, how can I enable my microphone without having a f****** beeping sound. :p Skype doesn't find any mic's. I have never had this problem on computers before (laptop).
  5. One tab to the right.

    "Innspilling" should be what i was calling Recording.

    I just want to add that you have to select the MIC as default(standard?) device as well in the Innspilling tab.

    It says its not connected. I dont understand, do i need a headset to be able to use the mic? Even with my Tritton headset this aint workin'.
  7. Do you have the Realtek HD audio manager installed? does it by any chance see the mic?

    I use just a mic while it is on a headset, the headset is not connected.

    If you right click, you may have an option to show disabled devices. See if you have mic in disabled.

    What are your full system specs?
  8. I have it installed, yes.
  9. And does it see a mic attached to the system?

    I was asking for full specs just in case you need a driver update.

    You should be able to see the mic and control the playback as well as recording volume from here. Note my playback is muted, this is to stop feedback with the speakers(the loud buzz you hear).
  10. I don't have mic as an option, only speakers..
  11. What does the side show. On mine you see orange/black/green and front pink. Anything showing?

    Is the mic plugged in the front or back? Can you try the other location to see what it does.

    Im not using a headset atm. But it wont work either on headset or without.
  13. Try reinstalling your audio drivers. It worked for me last time I had audio issues so it is worth a try.
  14. How do I do that?
  15. Go into device manager and right click the audio device and select uninstall. There is a good chance it will reinstall automatically after reboot.

    If it doesn't you will need to download the drivers and reinstall them manually.
  16. Sorry for the double post, accident.. Thanks, i'll try that right now!

    I dont have audio device option..
  18. Its under sound, game and video controllers.
  19. Its the realtek one.

    It looks like Realtek got switched out. What do i do now?
  21. Mic still dont work.
  22. "Object moved to here." Comes up everytime :o
  23. Please any1?
  24. Best answer
  25. Thank you so much everyone!
  26. So you have it working now?

    Keep those drivers on a flash drive for the future.
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