Z87 Motherboard confusion

Since all of these motherboards just came out, which one would be a good choice to get?

I'm trying to find something under £130. This motherboard will be used in my new build, which will be primarily used for gaming. I'm planning on overclocking with an i5-4670K.

The following are some that I have looked at:
• Asus Z87-A
• MSI Z87-G45
• ASRock Z87-Extreme4

*Note: I'm going to be using 2 x GTX 580 in SLI

I am totally confused as when you read the reviews they all seem to offer something a little different. :??:

Any advice will gratefully be received! :)
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  2. I must admit I do like the MSI but have read some negative reviews about them. Just wondering if they have improved with these next generation boards. ASUS seems to be the most popular choice, I have had a couple of their boards and they have been fine, I wanted to have a change but if the recommend is to stick with an ASUS then so be it

    Any other thoughts?
  3. Many thanks for the plethora of replies! lol

    I have taken SR-71 Blackbird's advice and gone with the MSI.

    Many thanks
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