Wifi stops working when I use dual display. Why? - windows 8

Hi guys. I have a problem here that is really annoying me. I have a Radeon Hd series that supports HDMI.
I'm also using windows 8.
So I want to connect using the HDMI port my Lg tv and the Dvi I will let for the normal display. I want to use the Tv for a media center and stuff. Anyway. I update drivers and software a and researched in several websites the answer for this problem and didn't find. The problem is: my network worked perfectly using only one display (I'm using the new tp link dual band adapter) but when I connect the HDMI to tv the network stops at all. I see no relation between the dual displays with the Internet connection. But it stops.

Someone in the name of God can help me?
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  1. I had a problem when using a wireless house phone- it would cut off wifi every time somebody calls. Had to change a channel. Not sure about HDMI. Also some TVs are enabled for WiFi- may be some type of signal interference.
  2. I found the problem, it was interference of wifi cable :(
  3. I have resolved this issue by simply changing my routers wifi channel to channel one. Best of luck even though this thread has been inactive for awhile. Just for the people who come across this...
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