Two working graphic cards failed to work is the PSU faulty


I have Ati 4870x2 which after changing thermal compound got 3 lights, Then I got working gtx 295 which as well do not work on my pc. I have removed all unnecessary fans and hardware and suddenly 4870x2 start however switch off after few min or 1 red light is showing. on the gtx 295 I got green light instead of blue, windows start but no display. is the issue stated might be linked to faulty PSU?

I have very old graphic card which do not need any power connection and it work fine. Is there any way to check psu.
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  1. Sounds like it could be a PSU problem. Your system specs and any details on the PSU would help.
  2. What wattage psu is it? It had better be high and high quality to run those cards. They suck the juice! The power supply is my guess.
  3. Specs
    Intel quad core 8300
    motherboard asus p5q deluxe
    psu Hiper type M 780W it has ati 4870x2 certificate
    DDr2 ram 3GB
    500 GB DDR

  4. I had a Hyper psu once, great looking but poor performing. I am not sure what else it could be.
  5. The Hiper Type M 780W used CWT (Channel Well Technology) as the OEM. The component quality (i.e. Japanese primary capacitor with the rest being cheap Samxons) and operating temperature range would be equivalent to the Corsair GS Series PSUs that are also made by CWT.

    They only had a three year warranty so they weren't considered premium quality units. They're only one step above entry level.
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