Pentium G2020 (VS) FX 6300

I already know the answer the FX 6300 is clearly the winner in overall performance BUT considering these points:

- if I'm not gonna overclock
- also tend to upgrade to an i5 in a year or so
- and the extra bucks saved from buying the G2020 which is less than the half price of FX 6300 can put some of it in the GPU say rather than buying HD 7750 i would buy HD 7770

so your opinions would the G2020 step up to the task and i would play games like BF3 or far cry 3 with good fps combined with 7770 in a resolution 1360x768 ~
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  1. Intel. i run a 2120 right now, was planning on upgrading to an i5 in the future, but i've been on the 2120 for about 6 months and its running great.
  2. If you definitely will be upgrading to a Core i5 CPU in the future, then yes, I believe going for the Pentium G2020 for $65 is the right course of action.

    Since the FX-6300 by itself is a respectable 6 core CPU you will be give up some performance in games that can use more than 2 cores (taking into consideration the Radoen HD 7750 vs. HD 7770 as well). And it is capable of being overclocked which means an initial larger performance gap.

    However, that short term loss in performance will change once you upgrade to a Core i5-3570k. Just don't plan on the price of the i5-3570k dropping too much. Intel CPUs hard drop much in price; if at all. Be warned though, as stock runs out prices tend to rise. If by the end of the year you have not upgraded to the i5-3570k, then it is advised that you look at prices at least once a month just to make sure it stays more or less the same. Wait too long and a $220 i5-3570k could be selling for $300 in the not too distant future.
  3. I am not seeing a whole lot of argument to get the Pentium...

    The FX 6300 is as much as 100% faster in some applications.

    You can buy HD 7770 for $100 as it is...

    BF3 multiplayer loves more cores, does Far Cry 3. You would be handicapping yourself if you went with a dual core CPU to play those games.

    EDIT: You can upgrade to steamroller in about 8-9 months on the AMD rig too.
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