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SATA II cable with SATA III drive?

Anyone out there know if an SATA II cable can carry data at SATA III speeds?

Are SATA II cables just something created prior to the SATA III speed standard and capable of 6Gbps?
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    While MoBo manufacturers label their cables differently for SATA II and III, this article might ease ya concerns
  2. I remember that article. :-)
  3. Thanks JackNaylorPE!

    I ordered some shorter 10" SATA III cables to help with my cable management situation and received cables clearly labeled SATA II although a sticker was added to the bag after the fact saying they are SATA III cables.

    I was going to return them. Now I don't have to.
  4. For the record, the clear and definitive answer is this: it makes no difference whatsoever how your sata cables are branded. A cable that reads Sata I is the same speed as a cable that reads Sata II is the same speed as a cable that reads Sata III. An old, first gen sata cable is capable of transmitting at the same speed of a brand new "Sata III" cable.
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