Computer Freezes randomly while gaming (edit: not just gaming as I just discovered)

Been having a problem over the past 2 months or so that when I'm playing any games like COD, Tribes, Planetside 2 etc I'll freeze up in game. The curious part (at least to me) is that initially when it first starts I can move in the cardinal directions (forward, backward, left and right) but I cannot turn and I lose all control in my mouse, seconds later I freeze completely and get an error sound and then a second all is well again. Usually this happens every 5 - 10 mins but occasionally it will string 3 - 5 of these together taking me out of the game for 30 - 45 secs.

This is killing me and I have looked around for an answer but not being "technical" enough I'm pretty sure I could look the problem in the eyes and not even realize it.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

My specs are:
Intel Core i7-2600 3.40GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti
8 gigs DDR3 RAM

I have run a temp monitor and usually idle around 40C and at peak its hitting 60C-61C if that helps.

***On a side note I just pulled up to watch the lastest episode of Game of Thrones and it froze the mouse and shot the error sound again but as usual cleared up after about 4 - 5 secs so its not limited to just gaming apparently.

Checked so far:
Memtest - no errors
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  1. Run Memtest on your ram just to be sure it isn't something as simple as a bad ram stick.
  2. moulderhere said:
    Run Memtest on your ram just to be sure it isn't something as simple as a bad ram stick.

    Memtest came up clear with no issues.
  3. Run hard drive diagnostics maybe the drive is slowly dying...
  4. ya lo haaaa have you gotten the latest driver? the 320.18? if so roll back to 314.something or even 306.97 which is what i did, cause your problem sounds exactly like the one i had. and it fixed it instantly
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