Rosewill Thor V2 Case fit a Corsair H100i ?

I have decided on the Rosewill Thor V2 case for my new build:

The H100i says that it takes 2x 120mm fan mounts at the top of the case and you need them to be like some distance apart from each other so the 240mm radiator will fit on the mounts. So if I just try and install the h100i with the 2 stock fans it comes with on the bottom of it, will it fit without me having to do anything to my case?

Not sure if this really matters but for the Mobo/Ram clearance, I am using the ASUS Z87 Pro Mobo and Kingston Hyper X RAM

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    You might want to watch this.
  2. I help a friend of mine install the Corsair H100i into his Rosewill Thor V2 and can't remember running into any problems with it. It seemed to go very well.
  3. Thanks blackbird, turns out i found this video a few days ago but I think at the time I switched my case to the blackhawk ultra before telling myself it wasn't worth the price.

    If i go with an H100i or any other corsair closed loop water cooling, what is the expected lifespan of this cooler compared to air cooling fans and what are the chances of it ever springing a leak on me?
  4. Nothings full proof but the Corsair WC is solid when installed right.
  5. Just yesterday i installed that same exact water cooler into that same exact case. This was my first build in ten years so i was a noob. The cooler came with fans to use. The case had one 230 installed on top already on mine and i had to remove it. The top piece on the case with the fins in it does just pull off, and if your's was as tight as mine you gotta pull alot harder then you would think. I ended up pushing the pin/stubs that hold it on from the inside. i would say remove that top piece before you hook up any of the wire's from the built in controller on it so you can take the piece completely off. Also that link thing that come with that cooler is pretty cool. though when i had the big fan in the front hooked up to it, it kept on almost turning off then going full speed, and it made a squeal and lights dimmed every time, so i wouldn't hook that fan up to it. Though thinking about it now, i never tried to see if i could set it to manual and keep it steady. Those were the two things that took the longest with the install. Oh also i had and intel socket 1155 mobo, and the backplate that came with it, the pieces that sticks through the mobo was twice the thickness of my actual motherboard, not sure if it was on purpose but it seemed wrong so i used and older bracket that got snug and it worked fine. older bracket was from another corsair unit.
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